lux lucis [lucks LOO-sis]

1. light; light of day
2. life; world
3. light of light

We live in an age where the state of technology allows us to create infinite permutations of impressive effects and artificial things.  Yet, Nature hosts life forms and phenomena more wondrous and bizarre than even the best creations of movie art departments.  Many famous creatures and characters in film have been inspired by, and modelled after real animals, insects and plants.  As artificiality proliferates and the natural world diminishes around us, a deep human craving has arisen for authentic, honest things.

Lux Lucis brings together top global talent on projects of pure oxygen, genuine adventure.
The Hybrids  
Bridging the traditional genres of narrative and documentary films, Lux Lucis creates an exhilarating slate of fiction films combining groundbreaking nature cinematography and riveting human stories geared toward a broad, global audience.  Each movie is set in a wild, magnificent environment.  
The Alchemists  
Grace Phan  
Edmond Wong  
Li-Anne Huang